Our cutting edge Ultra Purification System dramatically improves Air Quality, Water Quality and all surface areas of your facility.

Protect your customers and employees from irritants, pollutants, and bacteria
that spread disease and make people sick!


What We Do:

  • Clean and treat all surfaces in the facility to remove allergens
  • Install air and the water purification systems
  • Clean and purify carpets and upholstery every 4 months..
  • Regular maintenance and filter replacements keep the facility certified as allergy friendly. Certification identifies products that have been proven more suitable for people with asthma and related allergic sensitivities.

Our unique Multi-Phase Process cleans and purifies the facility reducing allergens and significantly improving the health of your customers and employees. Read more about the Ultra Pure System developed specifically for your facility:

Who We Are:

Ultra Pure is a health solutions company providing families and facilities in the tri state area with solutions on how to have a healthier living environment.  Ultra Pure provides an environment where we dramatically improve indoor air quality, water quality, and the surfaces that you come in contact with everyday. The service that we offer will certify your facility as an asthma and allergy friendly environment.

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